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Rank Company Name
1 Financial Credit Network, Inc.
2 Crown Asset Management, LLC
3 General Service Bureau
4 American Profit Recovery Inc.
5 Conrad Acceptance Corporation & Conrad Credit Corporation
6 Clovis & Roche, Inc.
7 Express Recovery Services, Inc.
8 Resurgence Financial, LLC
9 CMI, Credit Mediators Inc.
Rank Company Name
1 SoundBite Communications
2 DCM Services, LLC
3 Credit Protection Association, LP
4 CR Software, LLC
5 CollectionCenter
6 H & R Accounts, Inc.
7 American Coradius International LLC (ACI)
8 Apex Financial Management, LLC
9 Brown & Joseph, LTD.
LARGE COMPANY CATEGORY (250 or more Employees)
Rank Company Name
1 National Patient Account Services
2 Professional Account Services, Inc.
3 The Sunrise Family of Companies
4 Premiere Credit of North America
5 The Northstar Companies
6 The CBE Group, Inc.
7 Peak5


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