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This survey and recognition program is dedicated to finding and recognizing the best employers in the collections industry! If you think your organization has what it takes to be honored on the ninth annual "Best Places to Work in Collections" list…or if you simply want to learn more about this project…we invite you to explore this website.

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The "Best Places to Work in Collections" program is a national program created by insideARM.com and managed by Best Companies Group. Participation in this program is free*.


* The free process applies to the standard online employee survey process. A nominal fee is charged for the use of paper surveys. Additional (optional) services are available for a fee such as customizing, language translations and the purchase of the Employee Feedback Report. 

What Participants Say:

Brown & Joseph has taken part in the Best Places to Work in Collections program for the past 6 years and was proudly named as one of the Best Places to Work in Collections for 3 of those years. We are proud of each time that we have achieved this honor as we have always valued our employees and take great pride in their hard work. Additionally, the positive responses we get from our current clients and prospects is far more than we ever anticipated. For the years that we did not achieve this honor, we looked at the feedback report and used it as a valuable tool to improve our company and processes in a way that motivates and inspires our employees. We look forward to entering again in 2014.

Chris Cappuccilli
Chief Executive Officer
Brown & Joseph, Ltd.

F.H. Cann & Associates has been involved in and selected as one of the Best Places to Work in Collections for the past three years. Not only is this an excellent recruiting and marketing tool, but each time we are selected it boosts the morale and gives our company something to celebrate! As a growing company, it is important for us to monitor how we are doing as we expand. The employee feedback received from this survey is extremely beneficial. It identifies what we should maintain, what we can improve upon and what areas we need to focus on in the future. Because the survey is administered by an outside entity, employees feel free to be honest and upfront with their feedback while saving us valuable time. The employee demographic and benchmark reports enable us to see how we are doing compared to our competitors and evaluate our progress from year to year. We also utilize this data to respond to RFPs for potential new business. I would recommend this service to any organization that wants to improve employee engagement and identify ways to acquire a competitive edge in the industry.

Patti Plante, PHR
Human Resources Generalist
F.H. Cann & Associates, Inc.

Through working closely with Best Companies Group, ConServe has greater understanding of how our internal culture and environment are perceived from our most valuable asset, our employees.  By earning the Best Place to Work in Collection designation by insideArm in 2012, it affirms that our employees are satisfied and happy as this recognition is the direct feedback of the team.  Employees take great pride in working in an environment where the people are aware of our success and direction and take an active role in continuing to make ConServe a great place to work.

Jessica Roth, PHR
Employee Relations Specialist

InsideARM’s Best Places to Work in Collections has become an evaluation tool for the leadership of Americollect. As a growing agency that has been listed for the past four years the results help us to determine changes to our culture and workplace that need to happen to keep happy team members!

Shawn Gretz
Sales and Marketing Manager

GSB/EOS have particiapted in the BPTW in Collections since 2008 and have been recognized as one of the BPTW in Collections in the mid-size category in 2008, 2010 and 2012. Not only do the results of the survey provide invaluable information to assist in retaining quality employees and identifying areas of opportunity for our companies, but has had a tremendous impact in our recruiting efforts. I would highly recommend participating in this program.

Cheryl Pignotti, PHR
Vice President of Employee Services
Early Out Services, Inc.
General Service Bureau, Inc.

We look forward to participating in the “Best Places To Work” program each year. Access is an organization dedicated to clients and staff. Our mission is to continually help our associates progress their careers and build long term employment, increased remuneration and benefits. We are proud of this designation and work each year to achieve the highest possible rating.
Best Regards,
Tom Gillespie
Access Receivables

The survey has been a great tool for us.  It was very helpful to see what the concerns we have from employees and make it comfortable for them to voice their opinions.  The feedback from the report has given us pinpoints to build from to make changes for our employees to stay the BEST place to work in collections.
Thank you,
Tara Turner
Customer Service Manager
Agency of Credit Control, Inc.

The report was used by our management team during our 2012 Strategic Planning meeting.  Having the data accumulated for us, really gave us a great opportunity to look at the report and see what we are doing well and what we could improve on.  The statistical data gave a quality overview and the written feedback from employees helped us drill down even more and make changes for 2012.  We were proud to win the Best Place to Work in Collections for the third year in a row and also very satisfied with the data we received from the survey.

David Williams
Executive Vice President
Williams & Fudge, Inc.

We look forward to participating each year!  Not only is this prestigious award helpful with sales and marketing, it is very useful in recruiting potential employees.  But the best part about the process is the feedback provided, which is invaluable.  We compare from year to year for improvement in areas where our staff mentioned even the smallest problem, and we hope it makes us a better company each year. For example, we have increased communications at company-wide meetings to make staff feel more involved in the overall success of our business.  We have also implemented more leadership training programs to assist our managers.  These are just a few of the improvements that have resulted from the “Best” program!


Kecia Kesler



We love Best Places to Work because not only does it provide us valuable anonymous feedback from our team, it allows us to see where we rank among other collection agencies.  Let’s face it – ours is not the easiest industry to recruit for, nor is it a popular job, so knowing we are doing all we can to make and keep American Profit Recovery a great place to work is key to our ownership and management team. 


I feel great pride each year when we hang our Best Places to Work award in our conference room.  We get many comments from interviews and vendors who visit our offices, and many congratulations from our clients when they hear the news.  We have participated and been ranked for three years now, and used the feedback we’ve received each year to make APR a little bit better of a place to work.  We appreciate this program, the feedback it provides, and the acknowledgment of being one of the best.   

Michelle Riviello

American Profit Recovery 

We certainly can recommend the Best Places to Work in Collections program and will be participating again this year.  The program has been an affirmation of what we are doing well at Receivable Recovery Partners, LLC. You may think you’re doing right by your staff, but until you have access to honest, objective feedback, you don’t know! Based on the results, we know we are providing the best environment for our staff, which directly influences their work. The Best Places to Work in Collections program has been a benefit to our sales team as well – who doesn’t want to work with the “best”?  Now we are contacted to work with an organization instead of the other way around. It is nice to be recognized and held as an industry standard.


Shelly Haggard

VP Sales & Marketing

Receivable Recovery Partners

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